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Welcome to the Green Cay Village News, the news site for townhome, condo, and rental apartment residents of Green Cay Village in Boynton Beach, Florida. Disclaimer

5/18/2016 - The Rainy Season Is Here!
Today it rained and then it rained some more. ... more

5/17/2016 - Condo Roof Maintenance
Campany Roof Maintenance replaced a total of 127 broken tiles on the 7 condo buildings today for a total cost of $3,804. ... more

4/15/2016 - Fire Sprinkler Refrigerator Magnets
During the annual condo fire sprinkler inspection, business-card-size magnet signs will be put on the refrigerators of each unit when the unit is inspected. ... more

4/14/2016 - Dear Anonymous
While we would prefer that people identify themselves when sending suggestions and complaints, we realize that sometimes people just don't want to get involved or be identified as the reporting person. ... more

4/13/2016 - Entrance Circle Fountain Status
Because of the high maintenance costs associated with repairing the leaks in the entrance circle fountain, the Master Association is considering repurposing the fountain into a planter. ... more

4/11/2016 - Condominium Fire Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
The Condominium units are equipped with fire sprinklers and these sprinklers are required by law to be visually inspected annually. ... more

3/25/2016 - Fire Sprinkler Floods Condo Unit
Last night a resident hung a coat hanger on a fire sprinkler head and broke the sprinkler glass, the result being a flooded unit with water in the units below. ... more

2/24/2016 - Time to Replace AC Units?
The AC units in our community are nine years old and some are requiring replacement. ... more

2/22/2016 - Condo Tile and Hardwood Floor Etiquette
If you have tile or wood floors in your unit and you live on the second or third floor, please note that every noise made on your floor sounds as loud or louder in the unit below. ... more

2/20/2016 - No Plans for the West End Park
Someone recently asked about plans to install a basketball court at the park at the west end of the property. ... more

2/20/2016 - Yellow Bollards At Condo Compactor
Someone recently asked, why did we put the two yellow bollards (posts) in the street in front of the compactor stairs. ... more

2/12/2016 - AT&T U-verse and GigaPower Internet - Update1
AT&T has advised the community that they will soon start wiring the whole community for U-verse and GigaPower Internet. ... more

2/5/2016 - Change in Recreation Room Use
Effective immediately, use of the recreation room will be limited to meetings and events sponsored by the Master, Townhome, and Condominium Associations and by the Palm Park Apartments Management. ... more

1/16/2016 - Office Management and Personnel Changes
Effective 1/1/2016 the Palm Park office is being managed by a new company - Rivergate KW. ... more

1/9/2016 - Townhome Lawns Resodded
The good new is that the townhome lawns that have been damaged over time by driving on them have been resodded. ... more

1/9/2016 - Condo Compactor Operation for Dummies
The condo compactor operation has been simplified by combining the stop button with the door interlock. ... more

12/21/2015 - Holiday Office Hours
The offices of the Property Manager and Palm Park Management will be closed on Friday 12/25/2015 and 1/1/2016. ... more

12/14/2015 - Hoverboards Catching Fire
Federal regulators are looking into reports of multiple hoverboard scooters bursting into flames, most often because of poor-quality chargers and batteries. ... more

12/12/2015 - Alligator In Lake - Update
Update - The large Alligator was captured and relocated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper. ... more

12/11/2015 - 2016 Coupon Books Mailed
Coupon books for use in paying 2016 monthly assessments have been mailed to all townhome and condo owners. ... more

12/10/2015 - Condo Water Heater Replacement - A Better Price
Dream Plumbing - Same water heater - a better price - thanks to our resident plumber Ernesto Saiz. ... more

12/9/2015 - Warmest Year on Record?
Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties are on track to have the warmest year on record with an average temperature of 77. ... more

12/2/2015 - Annual Meeting & Budget Meeting Results
The meetings were held as scheduled on December 1 and here are the results. ... more

11/25/2015 - Townhome Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing
The townhome sidewalks and driveways are currently being power washed. ... more

11/17/2015 - 2015 Condo Budget Meeting
The mailing, announcing the date of the 2015 annual condo budget meeting has been mailed to all condo unit owners. ... more

11/10/2015 - 2015 Condo Annual Meeting - Second Mailing
The second and final mailing, confirming the date of the 2015 annual condo meeting and providing the meeting details, has been mailed to all condo unit owners. ... more

11/9/2015 - Lost Cat Needs Home
The following is a note from an Old Farm Trail resident. ... more

10/2/2015 - Mulching Scheduled
Mulching of the property is scheduled to begin Monday November the 2nd. ... more

10/1/2015 - 2015 Condo Annual Meeting - First Mailing
The first mailing, announcing the date of the 2015 annual condo meeting and requesting candidates, has been mailed to all condo unit owners. ... more

9/12/2015 - After Hours Work Not Allowed In Condos
All work done in the condos by owners, tenants, and vendors is to only be done on weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. ... more

8/31/2015 - Recreation Room Usage Changes
Toward reducing the amount of congestion in the Clubhouse parking lot and toward easing the maintenance burden of cleaning up after parties, the Master Association approved the following changes today. ... more

8/31/2015 - Recreational Use of Drones Not Allowed
For reasons of resident safety and privacy, the Master Association voted today to not allow the recreational use of drones on Green Cay Village property. ... more

8/28/2015 - Public Advisory Notice of Reclaimed Water Use
Please take the time to read the following important message regarding our reclaimed water service. ... more

8/26/2015 - Tropical Storm Erika
Erika may well fizzle out or go someplace else - or not. ... more

8/26/2015 - Win a $100 Publix Gift Card - Updated
And the winner is . ... more

8/22/2015 - Height of Hurricane Season Begins
Traditionally, about two-thirds of all hurricanes form in August and September, according to the National Hurricane Center. ... more

8/14/2015 - 2015 Budget and Annual Meetings Scheduled
The following 2015 budget meetings and annual meetings have been scheduled for Tuesday, December 1st, in the Green Cay Village Clubhouse. ... more

8/5/2015 - Condo Online Voting Resolution Approved
The Condo Board of Directors has approved a resolution authorizing the use of online voting for annual meetings and other membership meetings. ... more

8/2/2015 - Separate AC Unit for Fitness Center Scheduled
A separate AC unit for the Fitness Center is scheduled to be installed in the next month or so. ... more

7/31/2015 - Kiddie Pool Open
The kiddie pool was just resurfaced and the tile has been replaced. ... more

7/14/2015 - $100 Reward for Tag Number of This Car
Looking for a little help here with a property damage hit-n-run at Green Cay Village. ... more

7/11/2015 - Michelangelo Project Canceled
The plan to build an assisted living facility on the property east of green Cay Village has been canceled. ... more

7/4/2015 - 2015 Florida Legislative Changes
The following new laws for Florida Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Homeowners’ Associations went into effect July 1st, 2015. ... more

6/24/2015 - Townhome and Condo Voter Registration
Unless you are the sole owner of your townhome or condo, you need to register to vote in all future association elections. ... more

6/22/2015 - New Fines Process
Effective July 1st, 2015, a new fines process will go into effect for the Master, Town Home, and Condo Associations. ... more

6/18/2015 - Condo Water Heater Letter with Q&As
The following letter was recently mailed to all condo owners with copies hand delivered to all condo residents - Q&As start at bottom of letter. ... more

6/17/2015 - New Pool and Gym Entrances
The entrances to the pool and the gym have been separated to better control access to these two areas. ... more

6/16/2015 - Brick Paver Path to Tot Lot Installed
A brick paver path has been installed to make it easier for parents and their kids to get to the newly re-located gate to the Tot Lot. ... more

6/10/2015 - New Walmart Neighborhood Market Opens Today
A new Walmart Neighborhood Market on the NE corner of Flavor Pict Road and Military Trail is scheduled to open today. ... more

6/10/2015 - Flavor Pict Road Traffic Data
Peak season traffic on Flavor Pict Road has leveled off at just under 7,000 cars per day in 2015. ... more

6/3/2015 - Governor Signs HB 791 - Fines and Online Voting
The Governor signed Florida House Bill 791 yesterday and the bill will take effect 7/1/2015. ... more

6/2/2015 - Lake Level Low - But OK
Viewed from a distance, our lake looks fine, but viewed up close it looks low, and it is low. ... more


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