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Welcome to the Green Cay Village News, the news site for townhome, condo, and rental apartment residents of Green Cay Village in Boynton Beach, Florida. Disclaimer

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2/22/2015 - Condo Vote on Quorum Requirements
A Special Membership Meeting will be held on Monday March 9, 2015 @ 12:30 pm in the Green Cay Village Clubhouse for the purpose of voting to change the Condominium By-Laws quorum requirement from 33-1/3% to 10%. ... more

2/6/2015 - On littering and Doing Your Part
One of the things I like about living here is how clean this place is kept - it's like being on the grounds at Disney Land. ... more

2/4/2015 - No Bike Lanes on Flavor Pict Road
The edge lanes on Flavor Pict Road may look like bike lanes, but they aren't. ... more

1/28/2015 - Condos - Slamming Entrance Doors?
If your condo door or your neighbor's door slams when it closes, give the office a call and they will have maintenance fix it. ... more

1/23/2015 - Homeowner Only Pages Added
New secure login pages for townhome and condo owners have been added to the web site. ... more

1/22/2015 - Water Heater Failures in Condos
The life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years and we are now at the 8 year mark and the clock is ticking. ... more

1/22/2015 - Stop Means Stop
Folks, we have a minor problem with people pushing the condo compactor Stop button in and leaving it in. ... more

1/20/2015 - AT&T U-verse Coming To Green Cay Village?
AT&T is currently installing fiber optic cable on the property that will bring fiber directly to each townhome unit. ... more

1/20/2015 - Condo Hallway Spills and Tracked Dirt
Our maintenance team spends 20 hours a week cleaning the condo grounds and hallways so that your experience entering and leaving the building is a pleasant one. ... more

1/18/2015 - Assessments Over Time
At the December Annual Budget Meetings a few people asked why assessments have gone up so much since they moved here. ... more

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3/8/2015 - Daylight Saving Time Begins
Set Clocks Ahead One Hour - On the second Sunday in March, clocks are set ahead one hour at 2:00 a. ... more


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