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Submit Your Ideas - Click here to send an email along with any attached pictures describing something you have done to make your home a special place or to fix something that was broken.

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Add a Doorbell
Update 4/4/2008 - One year later the  Heath/Zenith wireless plug-in doorbell stopped working. ... more

Backlight Your TV
By placing a simple 6,500K fluorescent light behind your TV, you create the illusion of depth, resulting in less eyestrain and a more pleasant viewing experience. ... more

Deeper Closet Shelves
The wire closet shelves in the pantry and the bathroom closets are only 12" deep. ... more

Do I Need a Water Filter?
Palm Beach County Water Utilities’ drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and local standards set for quality and safety. ... more

Drain Flies, Midges, Gnats, etc.
One of the most common pest problems in homes are flies that breed in or infest drains. ... more

Fix a Leaky Toilet
If your toilet continues to fill and leak at the end of a flush, replace the fill valve and the flapper. ... more

Fix a Sticking Front Door
If units are not entered for an extended time in terms of months, the weather stripping on the front doors may stick to the door jam making it difficult or impossible to open the door. ... more

Got Ants?
Maybe it's a stretch to call getting rid of ants a home improvement, but having gotten rid of our ants I consider our condo much improved. ... more

Handicap Access Door Hinges
Green Cay Village townhomes, condos, and apartments feature wheel chair and walker friendly entrance doors with 35 1/2" openings and interior doors with 33 1/2" openings. ... more

Max Out Your Comcast Scientific Atlanta DVR Capacity
The Comcast  Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD and HDC DVRs have a 160GB hard drive that can only store 20 hours of HD programming. ... more

Noise Masking Machines
We all deserve to live in peace and quiet, free from the prolonged barking of dogs, loud music, etc. ... more

RF Wireless Headphones
We decided to giveheadphones a try to block out the sound of the ac unit and to let us really enjoy the sound of our new 60" Sony TV without driving our neighbors crazy. ... more

Security - A Better Lock
There is nothing particularly bad about the exiting front door locks - however, like almost all current locks made, they can easily be defeated by a technique known as bumping. ... more

Security - Add a Door Guard to Your Front Door
Add a door chain or a swing bar door guard to permit partially opening your door to question people without giving them access to your home. ... more

Security - Condominiums and Apartments
The buildings are solidly constructed and feature wrapped steel entrance doors and door frames with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers and impact resistant glass on the second and third floor units. ... more

Security - Townhomes
The buildings are solidly constructed and feature wrapped steel entrance doors and door frames with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers. ... more

Storm-proofing Garage Doors
Your garage door may be the most vulnerable part of your townhome to hurricane damage. ... more

Townhome Wall Lantern Replacement
The Progress Lighting P5892-31 is a townhome board approved replacement for the wall lantern on the front of your home. ... more

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