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Lease Your Home

Want to lease your home? Consider using Green Cay Rentals aka the Developer.

The services offered range from leasing your home and managing it to just leasing your home or just managing an already leased home.

The leasing service includes finding the tenant, showing the home, running the required credit and criminal background checks, getting all of the necessary paperwork in place and collecting the first and last months rent.

The management service includes collecting the rent, paying the monthly maintenance fees, handling inside maintenance calls e.g. "my toilet will not stop running", contacting the tenant in cases of rules infractions, taking legal action against the tenant if necessary up to and including the eviction of non paying/non compliant tenants, and conducting bi-annual inspections of your home.

The rates are one months rent to lease a  home and 10%  of the monthly rental to manage a home.

Note: Legal fees in the case of evictions or other legal actions are not included in the 10% monthly maintenance fee, nor are any expenses for inside maintenance e.g. fixing a running toilet.

For more details and to lease your home, contact Shaila Sanchez.

Shaila Sanchez
Green Cay Village Homes

phone 561-736-1440

Note: If you plan to lease your unit yourself, consider using a lease agreement similar to the one used by the Developer in leasing their units. Click here for details.

Green Cay Village Rental Rates - For homeowners and investors leasing townhomes and condos, here are the current rates as of As of 1/1/2017 for units leased by homeowners/investors and Green Cay Rentals aka the Developer.

   Owner/Investor Leased 33 $1700
   Green Cay Rentals Leased 6 $1813

Includes cable, washer/dryer and trash.

Condos - 2 Bedroom    
   Owner/Investor Leased 45 $1275
   Green Cay Rentals Leased 24 $1375
Condos - 3 Bedroom    
   Owner/Investor Leased 28 $1450
   Green Cay Rentals Leased 15 $1525

Includes cable, water, washer/dryer and trash.

*Median - the middle number of a group of numbers; that is, half the leases have values that are greater than the median, and half the leases have values that are less than the median.

In looking at this data, it is clear to me that owners/investors can charge higher rents, at least to the point of getting your rents to the Green Cay Rentals median amount.