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About - History of Green Cay Village

Green Cay Farms Inc. 1957 - 1997

For 40 years, Ted and Trudy Winsberg grew bell peppers and other winter vegetables on their 300 acre property, known as Green Cay Farms Inc.

Green Cay Wetlands

In June of 1997, the Winsbergs generously sold 170 acres (WL1 & WL2) of their 300 acre farm to Palm Beach County. The land was sold for $2.9 million (1/3 of the appraised value) with the stipulation that it be made into wetlands or kept as open space.

Construction on the western portion of the 170 acres (WL1) began in July 2003 and was completed in February 2005. The resulting wetlands is now known as the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center and is located on Hagen Ranch Road.

Click on image for online topographical map.

Green Cay Farms Inc. - Today

The original 300 acre farm owned by the Winsberg family is currently zoned and in use as described below.

WL1 and WL2, along with a 500 foot wide strip that joins WL1 and WL2, define the boundaries of the 170 acres that were sold to the county for use as a wetlands and open space, with the exception of the 2.12 acre parcel that was redeeded in 2006 with permission of the Winsbergs to permit the construction of Fire Station #44.

Todate WL1 has been converted to wetlands and the County is currently leasing WL2 for vegetable farming.

R1 defines the boundaries of the 43 acre Green Cay Village parcel. R2 defines the 46-acre parcel that the Winsbergs own and live on and where they operate a tree farm along with supporting the transition to a smaller farm that markets its diversified vegetable crops through local channels. Both R1 and R2 are zoned HR-8 (High Residential-8 units to the acre).

● C defines the boundaries of a 15 acre commercial parcel that is approved for up to 120,000 square feet of commercial space with the following restrictions. No single store can exceed 20,000 square feet (this means no supermarket) and the following are prohibited: gas stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, adult entertainment enterprises and communications towers. This parcel is owned by the Winsberg family and is currently being leased for vegetable farming.

● As for Flavor Pict Road, it was constructed at the R1 Developer's expense as a 3-lane section (expandable to 6 lanes) from Hagen Ranch Road to Jog Road.

Source 2004-03-15 COBWRA White Paper by Ken Lassiter, COBWRA Communications.

Editorial Comment

Kudos Ted and Trudy Winsberg. Kudos! How refreshing that in these times when bankers on Wall Street raked in millions while ruining the world economy, we find a family willing to forego riches so that future generations will be able to experience living close to nature.

Peter Schulz - Editor


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