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Security Features Green Cay Village is located west of I95 and Jog Road in an upscale residential and rural setting, on PBSO Sheriff designated private property, with a fire/rescue station directly across the street from the main entrance.

  • Site security features include individually gated condominium and apartment parking lots, high intensity street and parking lot lighting, a vehicle registration and ID program, and video surveillance cameras located throughout the community.
  • Unit security features include poured concrete and cinder block construction with wrapped steel entrance door frames and doors with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers. In addition, all units have multiple smoke detectors and the condominium and apartment buildings have code compliant sprinkler systems.

To say that anyplace is safe today may be a stretch. But Green Cay Village's goal is to be known as a place to live that is as safe as it is green.

What you can do to make Green Cay Village a safer place to live.

  • Take the time to know your neighbors, their cars, and their schedules so that you can recognize when things are not right.
  • Call the Sheriff if you see suspicious people or activities. Dial 911 for emergencies and 561-688-3400 for non emergencies.

    Security Tip - Right now, add the Sheriff's non emergency number (561-688-3400) to you cell phone speed dial and test it to make sure it works.
  • Be a safe and respectful driver within the community.
    • Don't drive faster than the posted speed limits.
    • Come to a full stop at all stop signs.
  • Read the Security Assessment Report and implement the recommendations for your home/apartment.
  • Provide the Property Manager, the Leasing Office Manager, or the Editor with specific recommendations for improving security.

Home Improvement

Security - A Better Lock
There is nothing particularly bad about the exiting front door locks - however, like almost all current locks made, they can easily be defeated by a technique known as bumping. ... more

Security - Add a Door Guard to Your Front Door
Add a door chain or a swing bar door guard to permit partially opening your door to question people without giving them access to your home. ... more

Security - Condominiums and Apartments
The buildings are solidly constructed and feature wrapped steel entrance doors and door frames with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers and impact resistant glass on the second and third floor units. ... more

Security - Townhomes
The buildings are solidly constructed and feature wrapped steel entrance doors and door frames with deadbolts and 180 degree door viewers. ... more


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