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05/23/2017-Condo Power Washing
04/18/2017-New Depth Numbers at Pool
03/26/2017-Condo Tree Trimming
03/14/2017-Lake Fountain Being Replaced
03/14/2017-New Marque Lights
02/21/2017-Time for a new AC unit?
01/21/2017-Master Annual Meeting
01/03/2017-Christmas Tree Disposal


12/24/2016- Python Spotted Near Green Cay Village
12/09/2016-Townhome Pressure Cleaning Notice
12/07/2016-2016 Budget and Annual Meetings - Results
12/07/2016-Sidewalk Repairs This Week
11/15/2016-Entrance Gates Back In Operation
11/12/2016-Townhomes Tree Trimming
11/01/2016-Stolen Licence Tag # Y27 IIF
10/29/2016-Pool Closed November 1st and 2nd
10/07/2016-Hurricane Matthew
09/19/2016-Public Advisory Notice of Reclaimed Water Use
09/10/2016-Lake Fountain Fixed and Relocated
09/10/2016-Need a Plumber?
08/24/2016-Meds, Cash & Gasoline
08/16/2016-Zika Virus Prevention
07/25/2016-Condo Power Washing
07/21/2016-Lake Level Low - But OK
07/05/2016-Dear Anonymous - Sometimes You Have to Step-up
07/03/2016-What Is With The Lawn?
06/28/2016-Aerial Mosquito Spraying
06/27/2016-Entrance Circle Fountain Converted To Planter
06/22/2016-Lava Rock Installed at Condo Entrances
06/21/2016-Access Gates - Tailgating and Gate Jacking
06/17/2016-Access Control of Condos and Apartments
06/14/2016-Flavor Pict Road Traffic Data
06/08/2016-Townhomes - Putting Out the Trash
06/07/2016-Dogs and Cats Must Be On A Leash When Outdoors
05/29/2016-Super Chlorination July 13 to August 14
05/18/2016-The Rainy Season Is Here!
05/17/2016-Condo Roof Maintenance
04/15/2016-Fire Sprinkler Refrigerator Magnets
04/14/2016-Dear Anonymous
04/11/2016-Condominium Fire Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
03/25/2016-Fire Sprinkler Floods Condo Unit
02/24/2016-Time to Replace AC Units?
02/22/2016-Condo Tile and Hardwood Floor Etiquette
02/20/2016-No Plans for the West End Park
02/20/2016-Yellow Bollards At Condo Compactor
02/12/2016-AT&T U-verse and GigaPower Internet - Update1
02/05/2016-Change in Recreation Room Use
01/16/2016-Office Management and Personnel Changes
01/09/2016-Townhome Lawns Resodded
01/09/2016-Condo Compactor Operation for Dummies


12/21/2015-Holiday Office Hours
12/14/2015-Hoverboards Catching Fire
12/12/2015-Alligator In Lake - Update
12/11/2015-2016 Coupon Books Mailed
12/10/2015-Condo Water Heater Replacement - A Better Price
12/09/2015-Warmest Year on Record?
12/02/2015-Annual Meeting & Budget Meeting Results
11/25/2015-Townhome Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing
11/17/2015-2015 Condo Budget Meeting
11/10/2015-2015 Condo Annual Meeting - Second Mailing
11/09/2015-Lost Cat Needs Home
10/02/2015-Mulching Scheduled
10/01/2015-2015 Condo Annual Meeting - First Mailing
09/12/2015-After Hours Work Not Allowed In Condos
08/31/2015-Recreation Room Usage Changes
08/31/2015-Recreational Use of Drones Not Allowed
08/28/2015-Public Advisory Notice of Reclaimed Water Use
08/26/2015-Tropical Storm Erika
08/26/2015-Win a $100 Publix Gift Card - Updated
08/22/2015-Height of Hurricane Season Begins
08/14/2015-2015 Budget and Annual Meetings Scheduled
08/05/2015-Condo Online Voting Resolution Approved
08/02/2015-Separate AC Unit for Fitness Center Scheduled
07/31/2015-Kiddie Pool Open
07/14/2015-$100 Reward for Tag Number of This Car
07/11/2015-Michelangelo Project Canceled
07/04/2015-2015 Florida Legislative Changes
06/24/2015-Townhome and Condo Voter Registration
06/22/2015-New Fines Process
06/18/2015-Condo Water Heater Letter with Q&As
06/17/2015-New Pool and Gym Entrances
06/16/2015-Brick Paver Path to Tot Lot Installed
06/10/2015-New Walmart Neighborhood Market Opens Today
06/10/2015-Flavor Pict Road Traffic Data
06/03/2015-Governor Signs HB 791 - Fines and Online Voting
06/02/2015-Lake Level Low - But OK
05/16/2015-Identity Theft Victims - Go To
05/02/2015-Zero Condo Delinquent Accounts
04/28/2015-Tot Lot Gate Moved
04/11/2015-Condominium Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
04/03/2015-Unit Flood Control Procedures
03/27/2015-Trash in Condo Hallways
03/10/2015-Stop Means Stop!
03/09/2015-Condo Vote on Quorum Requirements - Updated
03/05/2015-I Wanna See the Compactor
03/02/2015-Condo Owners Click To Vote
02/06/2015-On littering and Doing Your Part
02/04/2015-No Bike Lanes on Flavor Pict Road
01/28/2015-Condos - Slamming Entrance Doors?
01/23/2015-Homeowner Only Pages Added
01/22/2015-Water Heater Failures in Condos
01/22/2015-How to Use the Condo Compactor Stop Button
01/20/2015-AT&T U-verse Coming To Green Cay Village?
01/20/2015-Condo Hallway Spills and Tracked Dirt
01/18/2015-Assessments Over Time
01/15/2015-Dog Grooming at Whitworth Farms Shopping Center
01/11/2015-Come on in - .. the water is a comfy 85 degrees!
01/09/2015-All Dogs Must Be On A Leash When Outside
01/09/2015-Condo Pet Waste Station Locations
01/07/2015-Scam Alert
01/05/2015-Townhome Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing
01/01/2015-Townhome Lease Rates - Year End 2014


12/31/2014-On Buying a Condo in Green Cay Village
12/31/2014-Occupancy Stats - Year-End 2014
12/31/2014-Three Bedroom Condo Lease Rates - Year End 2014
12/31/2014-Two Bedroom Condo Lease Rates - Year End 2014
12/30/2014-Property Being Mulched
12/24/2014-Annual Master Board Meeting
12/12/2014-Old Farm Trail Guest Parking - Emergency Passes
12/08/2014-Holiday Lights - Pictures
12/04/2014-Budget Meetings and Annual Meetings - Results
12/01/2014-How to - Turn Off Your Water
11/27/2014-Michelangelo - Assisted Living Facility - Updated
11/27/2014-Is a Ghost Flushing Your Toilet?
11/23/2014-Condo Holiday Decorations
11/07/2014-New Planters by Yellow Barrel Divider
10/24/2014-Sometimes You Have to Step-up
10/21/2014-Dirt Piles on Flavor Pict Road
10/14/2014-Lost Dog Found
10/04/2014-Condo Annual Meeting - First notice
10/04/2014-Budget Meetings and Annual Meetings Scheduled
10/03/2014-Construction Planned for Flavor Pict Road - Updated
09/24/2014-Public Advisory Notice of Reclaimed Water
09/16/2014-Condo Request for Proof of Pet Licensing
09/12/2014-Condo Hallway Painting
08/31/2014-Cooler Weather On The Way
08/20/2014-Condo Board Approves Amendment #4
08/19/2014-Kids Pool Closed for Repairs - Update - Pool Open
08/09/2014-Condo Door Maintenance is Your Responsibility
08/07/2014-New Tile Floors For Condo Elevators
08/05/2014-Annual Tree Trimming
08/03/2014-Condo Patios - What Is Allowed and What Is Not
08/01/2014-Height of Hurricane Season Begins
07/26/2014-Please Keep Condo Hallways Clear of Obstructions
07/25/2014-Condo Rules and Regulations - Amendment #4
07/23/2014-Condo and Apartments Gates Repaired
07/21/2014-Got Roaches?
07/01/2014-Condo Rules - No Auto Repairs
06/30/2014-Lease Rates - Midyear 2014
06/30/2014-Occupancy Stats - Midyear 2014
06/30/2014-Aerial Mosquito Spraying
06/20/2014-Comcast Contract Status
06/15/2014-Bobcat Sightings
06/06/2014-Condo Fire Alarm Testing Friday the 13th
05/24/2014-Pool Closed - Update - Pool Open
05/22/2014-Cars Leaking Oil on Newly Sealcoated Parking Lots
05/14/2014-Sealcoating Condo Parking Lot - Updated
05/14/2014-Michelangelo - Assisted Living Facility
05/05/2014-Sealcoating Entrance Road and Club House Parking Lot
04/04/2014-Townhome Painting Progress
03/30/2014-Award Winning Townhome Patio
03/29/2014-Small Alligator in Lake
03/07/2014-Bump and Rob Crime is Back in Palm Beach County
03/01/2014-No Smoking in the Condos
03/01/2014-Green Cay Village Rental Rates
02/28/2014-Kudos PBC Engineering Action Center
02/24/2014-Bike Racks Not for Storage
02/24/2014-Condo Tile and Hardwood Floor Etiquette
02/12/2014-Low Water Pressure in Condo 6768 Fixed
02/11/2014-Return Call Telephone Scam Alert
02/08/2014-Annual Condo Meeting
02/05/2014-Clubhouse Painting and Remodeling
02/04/2014-Dear Anonymous - Sometimes You Have to Step-up
01/11/2014-Record Rains - Record Flooding
01/07/2014-Annual Homeowner Association Meetings


12/31/2013-Occupancy Stats
12/10/2013-2014 Budget Meetings Scheduled - Updated
11/26/2013-Property Currently Being Mulched
11/12/2013-Outside Painting Has Started
10/27/2013-Florida Health Insurance Calculator
10/18/2013-Pool Heaters Being Readied for Heating Season
10/17/2013-South Florida Dry Season Is Here
09/14/2013-Pool Entrance Walk Brick Edged
08/31/2013-A Loss of Community by NYT Shaila Dewan (Video)
08/23/2013-Preliminary Tax Notices in Mail Today
08/21/2013-Condos - Slamming Entrance Doors
08/21/2013-Wireless Savings Calculator
08/21/2013-Affordable Care Act Calculator
08/13/2013-Internet Access for Low-Income Families
08/04/2013-New FEMA Maps Raise Flood-risk Ratings
07/30/2013-Mosquitoes Under Control in Palm Beach County
07/10/2013-Put Condo Furniture by Compactor Gates
07/01/2013-Clubhouse Overnight Parking Restrictions
06/07/2013-Tot Room Updated
05/21/2013-Two Small Alligators in Lake
05/20/2013-The Rainy Season Is here!
05/09/2013-Better Lighting at Condo Compactor
05/08/2013-Clubhouse Parking Spaces Being Leased - Update 1
05/01/2013-Hurricane Preparedness Letter - Condos
05/01/2013-Hurricane Preparedness Letter - Townhomes
04/27/2013-Tot Lot Upgraded
03/30/2013-Small Alligator Reported in Lake
03/28/2013-Is Green Cay Village a Safe Place to Live?
03/26/2013-Palm Beach County Home Prices Up
03/26/2013-The Case of the $4,108 Toilet Flapper
03/25/2013-Vehicle Break-In/Theft
03/22/2013-No Basketball Playing on the Condo Property Please
03/22/2013-Property Manager Office Hours
03/01/2013-Monthly Pest Control for $25.00
03/01/2013-Short Sale Approval Before Default
02/27/2013-Additional Condo Pet Waste Stations
02/27/2013-Annual Homeowner Association Meetings - Update 1
02/02/2013-Condo Parking Lot Repair
02/01/2013-Green Cay Village Rental Rates
01/29/2013-Walk Away from Your Mortgage?
01/28/2013-Local Condo & Townhome Prices Up in 2012
01/28/2013-Townhome Painting Assessment
01/24/2013-Anonymous Speak Up - Association Foreclosures
01/22/2013-Property Sprayed for Pests
01/06/2013-Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act of 2007 Extended


12/31/2012-Green Cay Village Occupancy Stats
12/22/2012-Capital Contribution Now Required for Resales
12/12/2012-2013 Budget Meetings Scheduled - Update 2
12/10/2012-On Dogs - Will Rogers Said
11/26/2012-Apartments Parking Lot Being Seal Coated
11/17/2012-Property is Being Mulched
11/11/2012-Missing Cat - Update - Found
11/11/2012-HARP 2.0 Mortgage Refinance Plan - Update 5
11/10/2012-Recreation Room Updated
10/25/2012-Hurricane Sandy
10/12/2012-Waiting for the School Bus
10/04/2012-Condo Recycling - No Cardboard Boxes Please
09/27/2012-Web Site in the Sun-Sentinel News
09/25/2012-Lost Dog - Update - Found
09/21/2012-Lock Your Doors
09/04/2012-Aerial Spraying of Mosquitos at Sundown
09/04/2012-Townhome and Condo Rental Requirements
08/30/2012-A Snake (Water Moccasin) in the Grass
08/28/2012-Village Water Level Reaches Record High
08/25/2012-Painting Assessments In 2013
08/23/2012-Hurricane Letters - Apartments
08/23/2012-Hurricane Letters - Condos
08/23/2012-Hurricane Letters - Townhomes
08/22/2012-Burglaries in Neighboring Communities
08/22/2012-Preparation for Hurricane Isaac
08/19/2012-Improved Mobile Edition
08/18/2012-A Heads Up to Delinquent Homeowners - Updated
08/18/2012-Property Manager Maintenance Team Changes
08/08/2012-Get a Free Education at The Khan Academy
08/08/2012-Want a Loan Modification?
07/21/2012-Bobcat Sightings
07/16/2012-Responsible Recycling
07/14/2012-Property Maintenance - Attention to Details
07/14/2012-Dear Anonymous
07/12/2012-Direct TV Channels Dropped
07/11/2012-Hurricane Preparedness Letter - Townhomes
07/11/2012-Hurricane Preparedness Letter - Condos
07/10/2012-Pool Closed - July 9 through July 12th - Update 1
07/07/2012-Drop-off Collection Bin at Main Entrance - Update 1
07/04/2012-Rising Sea Level Map Projections
06/30/2012-Townhome and Condo Occupancy Status
06/29/2012-Super Chlorination July 16 to August 16
06/29/2012-Alligator In Lake - Update 1
06/24/2012-Lake Level at Near Record High
06/21/2012-Security - Solicitation & Flyers Not Allowed
06/11/2012-Speak Up! Added to Mobile Edition
06/06/2012-Comcast Service Interruptions
05/24/2012-Property Maintenance
05/16/2012-Condo Breezeway Washing Schedule
05/08/2012-Condo Board Meeting - Rules & Regulations - Update 1
05/07/2012-Condominium Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
05/04/2012-Willow Trading Sells 30 Condo Units
04/28/2012-Homeowner Lease Agreement
04/21/2012-New Recreation Room Rules and Fees
04/19/2012-Quicker Short Sales On The Way
04/12/2012-Radon Letter #2 to Condo Homeowners
04/06/2012-Condo Parking Lot Speed Bumps Survey - Update 2
03/30/2012-Townhome Wall Lantern/Lamp Replacement
03/28/2012-Condo Parking - Commercial Vehicles Survey - Update 2
03/22/2012-Radon Letter #1 to Condo Homeowners
03/15/2012-Annual Meetings - Election Results - Update 3
03/14/2012-Playground Rules Signs Installed
03/13/2012-Rent Your Home
02/25/2012-Adult Education is Coming to Park Vista High School
02/14/2012-Internet Access for Low-Income Families - Update 1
02/13/2012-Thanks for Picking Up After Your Pets
02/11/2012-Green Cay Village Web Site in the News
02/11/2012-Lake Level at Record High
02/09/2012-National Mortgage Settlement
01/18/2012-Townhome Maintenance Painting
01/17/2012-Lost Puppy Found and Thanks Neighbors
01/02/2012-Homeowner’s Association Foreclosure by Mark Stopa


12/31/2011-Green Cay Village Occupancy Stats
12/19/2011-Condo Maintenance Painting
12/15/2011-Condos and Townhomes Pressure Washing - Update
12/15/2011-Saving for Reserves
12/15/2011-Budget Meeting Results
12/09/2011-Trucks Parking on Flavor Pict Road Right-of-Way
12/01/2011-Condo Rules and Regulations - Hanging Out - Approved
11/30/2011-Budget Meeting Set for 12/14/2011
11/19/2011-Alligators May Be Present
11/12/2011-New Pool Heaters Installed
11/04/2011-Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test
11/01/2011-DirectTV News Release Regarding FOX - Update 1
10/28/2011-American Orchid Society to Close
10/28/2011-Additional Condo Trees and Shrubs Planted
10/22/2011-Occupancy Limits
10/21/2011-39% Fewer Homes on Market in County
10/14/2011-We the People Petition on Home Refinancing
10/11/2011-Fall Condo Patio Inspection
10/09/2011-Holiday Food and Toy Drive
09/30/2011-Green Cay Village Now On Facebook
09/29/2011-Costume Party for All Residents
09/26/2011-A Special Thanks to Property Management
09/18/2011-Meetings on Pool Heater and Kids
09/15/2011-One Percent Tax Hike Spares Nature Centers
09/07/2011-Free Tutoring for Green Cay Village Children
08/30/2011-New Stop Signs In Condo Parking Lot
08/21/2011-Preparation for Hurricane Irene
08/06/2011-Video Surveillance Cameras Catch Gate Crashers
08/04/2011-Hurricane Facts - Wind and Rain
07/27/2011-Financial Education Seminar Tonight
07/22/2011-Speak Up Anonymously
07/21/2011-Clubhouse WIFI Available - New Login Info
07/18/2011-Additional Condo Trees and Shrubs Plans - Approved
07/17/2011-Saving Money on Grocery Bills
07/15/2011-Compactor Use on Thursdays
07/11/2011-Storm-proofing Garage Doors
07/08/2011-Condo and Apartments Gates Repaired
07/05/2011-Sales Office New Location
07/04/2011-4th of July at Green Cay Village
07/02/2011-Recreation Room Use and Improvements
07/02/2011-CSI for Dogs
07/01/2011-Lake Level Back to Normal
06/30/2011-Fireworks Safety and the Law
06/30/2011-Free Summer Food Program for Kids
06/28/2011-Nearby Nuclear Plants
06/28/2011-Front Door Sticking Problem
06/28/2011-Smoking Urns at Condo Entrances
06/24/2011-Hurricane Season Mailings
06/23/2011-New Condo and HOA Laws
06/22/2011-Hurricane Season Information Resources - Updated
06/10/2011-Condo Pizza Party Thursday, June 16 - 6:30-8:00 pm
06/08/2011-Interview with Serge van Duuren
06/06/2011-Investor Buys Unsold Townhomes and Condos
05/31/2011-Pet Waste Station Schedule Improvement
05/27/2011-Boy Drags Alligator Home from Canal
05/25/2011-Hurricane Shutters
05/25/2011-Maintenance Help With Hurricane Shutters
05/21/2011-Car Bump and Rob Alert
05/20/2011-Condo Painting Complete
05/20/2011-April Existing Homes Sales Up In Palm Beach
05/19/2011-Lake Level Hits Record Low
05/18/2011-Shellee Speaks
05/16/2011-Small Alligator in Lake - Update #2
05/14/2011-Letter to Editor – Rental Lease Requirements
05/09/2011-Condominium Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
05/03/2011-Townhome and Condo MLS Listings - A Ray of Hope
05/03/2011-Traffic Circle Etiquette
05/02/2011-Proposal to Sod Certain Condo Paths - Approved
04/29/2011-Speed Bumps Installed On Old Farm Trail
04/26/2011-Comcast Changes On-Screen Program Guide
04/22/2011-Condo Election Results
04/17/2011-How Mortgage Delinquencies Affect FICO Scores
04/07/2011-FPL Installing Smart Meters
04/04/2011-Best Web Site Award Winner
03/30/2011-Letter to Editor - Smoking in Condo Hallways
03/28/2011-Letter to Editor - Renting
03/26/2011-Condo Painting - Update #1
03/26/2011-Comcast On Demand Service Problems - Update #1
03/25/2011-Condo Elections
03/21/2011-Clubhouse Library
03/17/2011-Letter to Editor - Foreclosure Sales
03/01/2011-Townhome Painting Survey - Reminder
03/01/2011-No Parking On Old Farm Trail
02/21/2011-Express AC Service
02/21/2011-Condo Elections
02/20/2011-Search Added to Web Site
02/17/2011-Sample Condo Floor Paint Colors
02/17/2011-Townhome Rules and Regulations
02/10/2011-Best Web Site 2011 Finalist
02/03/2011-Apartments Manager Being Locked Up
02/01/2011-Pool Temperature
01/31/2011-Comcast Free Installation Coupon
01/29/2011-2011 Annual Meeting Highlights
01/28/2011-Condo Hallway Floor Color Selection
01/28/2011-Trees Staked After Storm
01/26/2011-Call 911 or 561-688-3400?
01/17/2011-Condo Painting Projects
01/14/2011-Townhome Patio Slabs - Pressure Cleaning Available
01/13/2011-Thefts from Automobiles Rising in Area
01/13/2011-Boca Raton Home Bought by HOA for $1,900
01/01/2011-Green Cay Village Occupancy Stats
01/01/2011-Green Cay Village History - 2011 and Beyond


12/31/2010-Townhomes - Pressure Cleaning
12/17/2010-Two Treadmills Down - Help On The Way - Update
12/16/2010-Comcast - More Channels - No Price Increase
12/15/2010-New Bank for Paying Monthly Maintenance Fees
12/06/2010-Shellee Speaks
12/02/2010-New Brick Paver Walkway to Clubhouse
11/28/2010-Lake Up 12 Inches - 2010 Water Bill Zero
11/24/2010-Holiday Security Tips
11/23/2010-Over 400 Car Tires Slashed at Delray Condos
11/20/2010-Landscaping for the Holidays
11/19/2010-Lake Fountain Status
11/19/2010-Condo Interior Maintenance Schedules
11/18/2010-2011 Budgets Approved
11/17/2010-Condo Video Surveillance Survey Results
10/21/2010-Dryer Vent Cleaning Service
10/16/2010-Bulk Internet Access Survey Results
10/13/2010-Register Your Emergency Contact Information Online
10/02/2010-Fire Safety - R is for Roof
09/25/2010-Bulletin Board Moved to Mail Kiosk
09/25/2010-Mobile Version of Web Site Now Available
09/18/2010-Gate Status
09/14/2010-Save Your Home Seminar - Short Sales
09/09/2010-Condo Building Manager Volunteers Wanted
09/09/2010-Townhome Committees Established
09/04/2010-Power Outage
09/03/2010-Report But Do Not Confront
09/02/2010-Rent Your Home
09/01/2010-Package Deliveries Disappearing
08/31/2010-Time to Get Your Flu Shot
08/29/2010-Direct TV Available as Option for Condos
08/22/2010-New Online Help From Fannie Mae
08/20/2010-Handy Man
08/20/2010-North Sides of Condos Being Pressure Washed
08/17/2010-Condo Parking Lot Maintenance
08/13/2010-Condo Recycle Bin Area Problems
08/13/2010-PBSO School Zone Traffic Enforcement Program
08/12/2010-Sign Up for Water Aerobics Classes Now
08/11/2010-Townhome Committee Volunteers Wanted
08/09/2010-Pay Your Association Fees Online with a Credit Card
07/30/2010-New Sign on Flavor Pict Road
07/29/2010-New Property Management Company - CPM
07/29/2010-CPM Letter to Homeowners
07/29/2010-Path Edging Being Removed
07/27/2010-New Property Management Team
07/27/2010-Tammy and Emily - Last Week Here
07/14/2010-Do Not Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle
07/12/2010-A Sunday Afternoon Party
07/10/2010-Anthony Ibanez has Resigned
07/06/2010-Green Cay Village Joins COBWRA
07/06/2010-Changes to Condo Rules & Regulations Approved
07/01/2010-New Bank Overdraft Rules
07/01/2010-Townhome and Condo Occupancy Status
06/15/2010-Comcast Channel Lineup Changes
06/14/2010-Property Beautification
06/07/2010-How Things Work - Fire Sprinklers
06/03/2010-Pool Rules - Residents + 2 Guests Maximum Per Household
06/03/2010-Grills Will Not Be Removed
05/27/2010-Busy Hurricane Season Predicted
05/22/2010-Health and Fitness Programs - ZUMBA CLASS
05/19/2010-Pool Rules
05/18/2010-South Florida Rainy Season Officially Here
05/17/2010-Away From Home Checklist
05/07/2010-Lost and Found Alert - Sony Camera
04/23/2010-Bushes Between Townhome Driveways
04/21/2010-Selection of Property Management Company
04/21/2010-Health and Fitness Programs
04/16/2010-Lake Fountain and Light Status - Update
04/10/2010-No Smoking in Condo Hallways
04/09/2010-Amendment to Condo Docs Mailed to Homeowners
04/09/2010-Amendment to Townhome Docs Mailed to Homeowners
04/06/2010-Trash Compactor Use 101
04/03/2010-Rules Rules Rules
04/02/2010-Security - Cars Vandalized in Condo Parking Lot
04/01/2010-New History Section Added to Site
03/31/2010-Transition Meeting - Election Results
03/30/2010-GCV Approved for FHA Insured Financing
03/26/2010-New Janitor - Anthony Ibanez
03/25/2010-Front Doors To Be Painted
03/13/2010-Zoning and the Land Around Us
03/11/2010-Security - Condo Burglarized
03/03/2010-Condo Bike Racks Installed
03/02/2010-Now Pay HOA Fees Online
02/25/2010-Condo Gate Improvements Implemented
02/24/2010-Security - Report Strangers on Property to Sheriff
02/05/2010-Condo Fire Alarm - False Alarm
01/29/2010-Townhome and Condo Turnover March 31st
01/29/2010-2009 Accomplishments List
01/27/2010-Two Condo Bikes in Lost and Found
01/21/2010-Condo Waste Receptacles Ordered
01/20/2010-Cold Snap Landscaping Damage
01/15/2010-Bulk Trash Pickup
01/15/2010-Cleanliness of Condo Hallways and Stairs
01/10/2010-Record Demand for Electricity
01/07/2010-Warning - 2010 Census to Begin
01/07/2010-Beware of Follow-away Burglars
01/04/2010-Condo Parking - Park in Assigned Spots Only
01/02/2010-2009 A Year of 2nd Growth
01/01/2010-Your Property Values and You


12/31/2009-Drivers License Renewals Now Require Additional ID
12/31/2009-Skateboards Not Allowed in Condo Hallways
12/30/2009-Planters Not Allowed In Condo Hallways
12/29/2009-Traffic Light at Flavor Pict & Hagen Ranch - Live Today
12/29/2009-Smoking Urns Belong at Condo Entrances
12/24/2009-All Dressed Up for the Holidays
12/24/2009-The Pool is Open and the Heater is On
12/23/2009-Association Coupon Books for 2010
12/20/2009-Condo Parking - Someone Is In My Spot
12/19/2009-Report Noisy Parties and Call the Sheriff
12/18/2009-Homeowners Vote 31 to 3 AGAINST Funding Reserves
12/17/2009-Holiday Security Tips
12/17/2009-Do I Need a Water Filter?
12/16/2009-Vote by Proxy on Condo Reserves Today
12/08/2009-Bicycles May Not Be Stored In Condo Common Areas
12/07/2009-Property Maintenance Activity
12/06/2009-Editorial - On Waiving the 2010 Condominium Reserves
12/05/2009-New Irrigation Rules in Effect
12/03/2009-Additional Condo Pet Waste Stations
11/20/2009-Part Time Janitorial Position Open
11/13/2009-Homeowner Email Addresses Requested
11/12/2009-Smoking Urns at Condo Entrances
11/11/2009-Lake Supply Valve and Piping Being Upgraded
11/04/2009-Traffic Signal at Flavor Pict & Hagen Ranch - Status
11/04/2009-Free Credit Reports
11/03/2009-In Case of Fire Always Call 911
10/31/2009-PBSO Unveils Interactive Crime Location Web Page
10/30/2009-Pool Heater Turned On
10/27/2009-Good Neighbors
10/22/2009-Nature Science for Seniors Program
10/19/2009-October 2009 Newsletter Available
09/23/2009-Progress In Leasing Unsold Units - Update
09/14/2009-On Following the Rules
09/10/2009-Phone and DSL Service Out 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM
09/03/2009-Condo And Apartment Grills Not Permitted
08/24/2009-Recycle Bin Volunteers Needed
08/21/2009-2009 County Property Values Down Sharply
08/13/2009-Clunker Payback Agreements Not Required
08/13/2009-Home Prices Rise, Foreclosures Fall in County
08/06/2009-Condo Recycle Bin Area Problems - Update
08/06/2009-Washing Cars Is Not Permitted In Parking Lots
08/06/2009-Two Outgoing Mail Slots At Mail Kiosk
08/02/2009-Real Hurricane Season Starts In August
07/16/2009-Condo Gates Will Be Activated Tuesday, July 21st
07/09/2009-El Nino Is Back
06/26/2009-Cash for Clunkers Bill Signed Into Law
06/22/2009-Water Lines Being Flushed With Chlorine
06/06/2009-June 2009 Green Cay Village Newsletter Available
06/04/2009-Crime Alert - Traveling Criminals In Area
06/02/2009-Homeowners Save Money on Your Insurance
06/02/2009-Homeowner Insurance Required by Condo Owners
06/01/2009-Motorcycle Parking
06/01/2009-Block Telemarketing Calls to Cell Phones
05/30/2009-Gates Disabled by Lightning - Update
05/26/2009-How Things Work - The Lake
05/20/2009-Weekend Clubhouse Attendants - Status
05/18/2009-Broken Street Lights Contracted for Repair
05/15/2009-Pool Area Hours - Dawn to Dusk - Video Monitored
05/15/2009-South Florida Dry Season Continues
05/15/2009-American Orchid Society Still Open
05/14/2009-Dead Trees on Property Replaced
05/08/2009-Updated Fitness Center, Rec Room, and Grill Area Rules
05/06/2009-Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust
04/29/2009-Lost and Found
04/25/2009-Estimate Your FICO Score For Free
04/05/2009-New Landscape and Lawn Service Company Contracted
03/31/2009-Emily Smith Appointed Director on GCV Boards
03/19/2009-Townhome and Condo Lessee Attachment
03/19/2009-U.S. Site Offers Guidance on Mortgage Troubles
03/13/2009-Townhome Compliance Committee Volunteers Wanted
03/13/2009-Condo Compliance Committee Volunteers Wanted
03/07/2009-Aggressive Dogs Alert
03/05/2009-Fire Ants Be Gone! Part II
03/04/2009-New Home Loan Program Not for Us?
03/04/2009-Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams - Help Is Free!
03/04/2009-Treasury Releases Details of Home Loan Plan
02/28/2009-Advice for Jobless on Getting Health Coverage
02/19/2009-Time to Get a Weather Radio
02/18/2009-White House Answers Questions on Mortgage Plan
02/17/2009-Santo Latona Appointed to Townhome Board
02/17/2009-Homeowners'Rallying Cry: Produce the Note
02/13/2009-Committees Page Added to Web Site
02/13/2009-Condominium Governance Form Required for Resales
02/12/2009-Green Cay Village Aerial Photos
02/11/2009-Homeowners Appointed to Master Association Board
02/06/2009-Fire Ants Be Gone!
02/06/2009-Rec Room & Playroom - Extended Availability
02/06/2009-Pre Annual Meeting Letters Delivered to Homeowners
01/30/2009-Security - Bollards Installed at Apartments Gate
01/30/2009-New Call Box Sign
01/30/2009-Condominium Sprinkler Inspections Scheduled
01/29/2009-Security - Anonymous 911 Calls Are Honored
01/27/2009-Counting Our Blessings
01/26/2009-Clubhouse Open on Weekends 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
01/24/2009-Costs and Tighter Rules Thwart Refinancings
01/24/2009-New Rules for Florida Condo Mortgages
01/24/2009-Security - Nighttime Security Patrol Discontinued
01/16/2009-Security - Local ResidentsTargeted by Con Artists
01/14/2009-Peter Schulz is 2009 Condo Director by Default
01/09/2009-Resident Satisfaction Survey
01/08/2009-Nick Condorousis Leaving Green Cay Village Team
01/04/2009-Homestead Exemption Filing Details


12/12/2008-Developer to Lease Some Condo and Townhome Units
12/12/2008-Condominium Notice of Election & Candidate Request
12/10/2008-Construction On Flavor Pict Road
12/07/2008-Obama Seeks More Help for Homeowners
12/07/2008-Using Wordle to Play With Words
12/07/2008-Getting Unfiltered Mortgage Rate Quotes
12/05/2008-News Alerts Page Added to Web Site
12/05/2008-A New Tack: Helping Homeowners
12/02/2008-Budget Committee Volunteers Needed
11/27/2008-Two New Pages Added To Web Site
11/26/2008-All Three 2009 Budgets Approved - Copies Attached
11/26/2008-Follow Up to November 2008 Budget Meetings
11/26/2008-Homeowner Committees Being Setup
11/25/2008-Answers to Resident Budget and Financial Questions
11/25/2008-Answers to Resident Insurance Questions
11/24/2008-Thanksgiving Hours for Association Management
11/20/2008-New Apartments Manager - Bobbi Coreano
11/12/2008-Why Some Loans Are Hard to Modify
11/11/2008-U.S. Offers Plan to Modify Home Loans
11/10/2008-Citigroup Offers to Ease Mortgage Terms
11/06/2008-Obama Pledges to Aid Homeowners
11/03/2008-Hope for Homeowners Program - Update
10/31/2008-Pool Heater Turned On Today
10/31/2008-New Pool Rules Posted
10/31/2008-JPMorgan Chase to Help Homeowners
10/29/2008-Foreclosure Assistance - News
10/29/2008-Improved Homeowner Plans Being Worked On
10/23/2008-Foreclosure Assistance - A Starting Point
10/22/2008-Mulch Being Installed Today Through Friday
10/22/2008-Early Voting Location - Hagen Ranch Road Library
10/18/2008-Security - Apartments Community Policies Updated
10/17/2008-Weekend Clubhouse/Pool Guard
10/17/2008-2009 Budget Meetings Postponed
09/19/2008-Condo Parking Spot Numbering
09/17/2008-Tammy Tomlinson is Back!
08/22/2008-Security - Night Patrol - Responsibilities & Phone Number
08/17/2008-Tropical Storm Fay
08/11/2008-Security - Surveillance Cameras
08/11/2008-New Manager – Joanna Camporeale
08/04/2008-New Fire Station #44 on Flavor Pict Road
08/03/2008-Publix Grand Opening - August 16th
08/01/2008-Apartments Available for Lease
07/29/2008-Security - New Night Patrol
07/12/2008-New Condo Stop Sign
06/21/2008-Security - Solicitation & Flyers Not Allowed
06/21/2008-Pet Waste Stations Installed
06/18/2008-Security - Limited Parking at Mail Kiosk
06/16/2008-PBC Water Alert
06/12/2008-Security - Vehicle Registration
06/06/2008-Security - Parking Lots Separated
06/06/2008-Security - Resident Courtesy Officer
06/05/2008-Security – Exit Only Gate to Old Farm Trail
06/01/2008-2008 Hurricane Preparedness
05/23/2008-Security - Two Condos Burglarized
05/20/2008-Barefoot In The Park
05/16/2008-New Property Manager – David Cruz
05/12/2008-Tammy Tomlinson Leaving
05/02/2008-Irrigation System Update
05/02/2008-The Village News - May 2008
04/03/2008-Green Cay Village Adopts Flavor Pict Road
03/15/2008-School Bus Pickup/Drop Off Locations
03/12/2008-Problems with Street Signs
03/02/2008-Comcast Adds New HD Channels
02/28/2008-New Leasing Office Manager - Susan Cain
02/27/2008-Recreation Room - New Fee Schedule
02/14/2008-New Housekeeper - Miriam Moreira
02/07/2008-No Smoking In Hallways etc. Please
01/31/2008-Association Meetings - Submitted Topics
01/28/2008-Security - No Trespassing Signs
01/24/2008-Security - GCV Security Assessment
01/23/2008-2007 Crime Statistics for Green Cay Village
01/19/2008-New Maintenance Man - Martin Lopez
01/17/2008-Condo Compactor Abuse - Update
01/17/2008-15 MPH Speed Limit For Parking Lots
01/17/2008-Security - PBC Alerts
01/12/2008-Apartments Are Now 100% Leased
01/04/2008-Security - Construction Road Blocked


12/31/2007-Condo Compactor - Looking for Leads
12/24/2007-Gate Access Code Changes
12/13/2007-Water Conservation - Irrigation
12/09/2007-Social Committee Volunteers Wanted
12/03/2007-All Windows Being Upgraded
11/27/2007-Security - Neighborhood Watch Meeting #1
11/27/2007-Homeowner Warranty Period Details
11/18/2007-Beware of Trash Take Out Service Offers
11/15/2007-Security Gates - Clicker Problems
11/08/2007-Sales Restriction Removed from Docs
11/08/2007-Lease Restriction Removed from Docs
09/01/2007-Resident Interest Survey - Apartments
08/20/2007-New Publix on Flavor Pict Road




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