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  12/20/2008 - Peter Schulz - Condominium Board of Directors Candidate
My name is Peter Schulz. I'm fully retired (30 years with IBM) and totally happy with my life. I live with my wife Maggie, a Register Nurse, in building #6, condo #202. We moved here from an apartment complex in Boca Raton to have a place of our own and to be closer to the Green Cay and Wakodahatchee wetlands. We have no children and no pets but we are planning to get a dog Maggie is a real dog lover.

I want to be the non-Developer Director on the Developer controlled Board of Directors to help keep Green Cay Village on track to being the place we all signed up for. Specifically, I want to do what I can to;

  •  Help the developer manage the transition from a Developer controlled community to a homeowner controlled community.
  •  Help the Property Management keep Green Cay Village running smoothly.
  •  Help the residents hold up their part of the deal. Specifically, I think it's important that we follow the rules as spelled out in our documents or formally change the rules, but not be allowed to just do as we please.

Assuming success in the above areas, we should all expect to be able to live our lives in a pleasant and sensible manner. And at the end of each day, the investment we made in Green Cay Village should worth more than when the day started.

Community Contributions

  •  Non Development Director August 2007 - Present
  •  Created and publish on my own dime
  •  Adopted Flavor Pict Road as a part of the county Adopt-a-Road program and pickup trash along Flavor Pict Road daily
  •  Completed and documented the December 2007 Site Security Assessment
  •  Got PBSO Sheriff Department Private Property designation for Green Cay Village
  •  Got the condo and apartment parking lots separated with the yellow barrels
  •  Established Rules of Engagement for the security patrol
  •  Got the Pool Rules changed to require higher standards
  •  Got the Zero Tolerance section added to Apartment's Lease Agreement
  •  Got the apartments budget cap removed for the 2009 budget
  •  Got homeowners the option to vote on reserves for the 2009 budget

And I got all of this done by working hard and smart and getting along with the Developer, because the fact is, Green Cay Village is still under Developer control and is governed by three boards and nine directors total, only one of which is elected . So I could never out vote the Developer to get something done.

Bottom Line: If you want a satisfied buyer, law and order type, ex IBM computer geek, who lives here 24/7, and has lots of time on his hands to represent you, vote for me. If not, please vote for someone else.

1/14/2009 Update - Peter Schulz will continue as the non Developer elected Condominium Director in 2009, as no other condo residents applied for the position.

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