Dogs - Barking
by Peter Schulz

If your neighbor's dog is barking too much, you should ask your neighbor to take appropriate measures to keep the dog from barking. If that doesn't solve the problem, the next step is to document the problem to the Property Manager in the case of townhome and condo owners and the Leasing Office management in the case of renters.

As for dog owners, check out which includes sections ranging from bark training to electronic collars and citronella collars.

And for even more information on barking dogs,  and perhaps a second opinion, just Google "barking dogs".

Editors note: Based on my experience, dogs often bark a lot when left alone when they first move here. But after a week or so after the dog's owner settles into a routine, the barking stops. Here I think the problem for the dog is the newness of the location and the routine and the dog's fear that when the owner leaves the dog alone, the owner will not return. So, my recommendation for new dogs is to cut them a little slack and give them a week or two to settle in.

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