Dogs - Dangerous Breeds
by Peter Schulz

The townhome and condominium Rules and Regulations are quite clear on this point i.e. "no pets which are considered a ''dangerous breed'' (e.g., pit bull, rottweiler, python, etc.) shall be permitted."

The apartment Lease Rules Regulations are equally clear on this point and go into even greater detail. Specifically, the following breeds/dogs are not permitted on Riverstone Residential Group properties:

1) German Shepherd
2) Doberman (with exception to miniature Doberman)
3) Rottweiler
4) Chow
5) American Bull Dog/Terrier
6) Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
7) Valley Bull Dog
8) American Pit Bull Terrier
9) American Staffordshire Terrier
10) Staffordshire Bull Terrier
11) Bull Mastiff
12) Any Aggressive Dog

So, your recourse here is clear i.e. document the problem to the Property Manager in the case of townhome and condo owners and the Leasing Office management in the case of renters. Include whatever details you have. There is no need to be 100% correct on the breed and you don't have to know the owner's name. But you do have to be sure of the address.

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