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Electronic Access System
Access Gates
by Peter Schulz

Getting In - Residents

The condominium and apartments parking lots are separately gated and require that residents use a clicker to gain access.

  • Condominium clickers only open the condominium gate and apartments clickers only open the apartments gate.

  • Clickers can be picked up at the club house. ID is required and you will need to fill out a form. See the Forms Section on this site for a PDF copy of the form.

To use the clicker, simply aim it at the entrance gate and press the "1"  button for the condominium gate or the "2" button for the apartments gate. The access system will automatically close after your vehicle enters, be it a car or even a motorcycle. However, the gate can not be closed with the clicker. So if you open it with the clicker to test your clicker for example, only a vehicle passing through will close the gate.

Getting In - Others

Guests wanting to enter need to scroll down to your last name on the call box at the gate and then push "call". This will place a call to your phone. Then, to open the gate, you need to press

  • 5 on your phone for condominium residents.
  • 9 on your phone for apartment residents.

Also, FYI, UPS, FedEx, DHL etc. will be treated as guests and need to call in to be admitted.  However, Sheriff, Fire, and EMS emergency services have a code to get in without calling.

Getting Out

As for leaving the parking lots, the gates automatically sense the vehicle and open. Thus no clicker or call box approval is required to leave.

Clicker Maintenance

If the clicker light does not light when Button "1" or "2" is pressed, it may need a new battery. The clickers take one A23 12 volt battery - available at Target, two batteries for $3.29.

If the clicker doesn't work with a fresh battery, return it to the Property Manager's Office (condominium residents) or the Leasing Office (apartment residents).

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