No Trespassing Signs
by Peter Schulz

Sheriff's Department issued No Trespassing signs are posted at both entrances to Green Cay Village and below the 15 MPH sign at the entrance to the condos and apartments.

The purpose of these signs is to warn people that Green Cay Village is private property and that people who are not residents, or their guests, or people invited in advance to provide services to the residents or their guests, may not legally be on the property.

Furthermore, the affidavit by Green Cay Village Management authorizing the signs also authorizes Sheriff's Deputies to remove people who do not belong on the property without requiring a complaint to be filed by a resident.

For example, if a Sheriff's Deputy sees someone hanging around, or going door to door doing whatever, or even just sticking flyers in doors, the Deputy can require the person to leave and arrest them if they don't.  And if a resident sees someone who doesn't belong on the property they can report the person to the Sheriff without having to file a complaint.

Bottom Line: The No Trespassing signs put trespassers on notice that by just being on the property they are already breaking the law and thus the signs make it much easier for Sheriff's Deputies to do their job.

Reference: Florida State Statute 810.09

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