Noise Rules
by Peter Schulz

We all have a right to peace and quiet, day and night, and if our neighbors are making too much noise, they should be asked to be more considerate. If that doesn't solve the problem, the next step is to document the problem to the Leasing Office management in the case of renters and the Property Manager in the case of townhome and condo owners.

Renters - The Lease Rules and Regulations BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR POLICY clearly spells out the behavior that is expected of the renters as follows.

Riverstone Residential Group would like to think that everyone living in our communities would always be able to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. It is requested that all residents respect our commitment to this carefree lifestyle and consider your neighbors by maintaining a reasonable noise level inside and outside of your apartment at all times. Anything that would disturb the rights, peace and comfort of your surrounding neighbors or the community would be a violation of this policy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Car stereos and bass music
  • Talking on phones on the outside of you're apartment in a loud and offensive manner i.e. using profanity and/or threatening manner.
  • Talking to visitors in a loud and offensive manner.
  • Revving your car motors or motorcycle.
  • Car alarms going off.

Please be advised that all residents are responsible for the behavior of their visitors at all times and it is the responsibility of the resident to inform their visitors that they too must follow the policies of the community.

Townhome and Condo Owners - The Rules and Regulations only address noise as follows.

Television, radios, musical instruments and other instrumentality of sound(s) reproduction or amplification must be used at such times and at such levels as will provide a minimum disturbance to other Units Owners.

However, don't consider this absence of detail to alter the rights of the townhome and condo owners i.e. we all have a right to live our lives at home in peace and quiet without being subjected to the unreasonable noises of others.

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